I have been slowly coming to this decision even though it hurts me to make it. I have been struggling to workout with my boot camp since I moved in August. I am no longer 5 minutes away from them, more like 20 on a good day and an hour on a bad day. And that is one way. But I was trying, and making it 3 times a week. Then Christmas season happened (this includes Thanksgiving) and my hours at work started to get out of control, and I was unable to get there at all.

So I have had to start shopping around for a new place to workout and I put in my notice at TransforME. And it breaks my heart a little. I am emotionally attached to my trainers, I love specific people and their workouts. I wish I lived closer, but I don’t, and I have started to lose momentum, and I cannot go backwards.

So here are the two choices before me:

ex plcfPearland Crossfit–they offer boot camp classes Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 6:15pm. I can upgrade to crossfit, and have many, many more time choices, if I choose. I am a little nervous about crossfit right now, because of having a bad hip and knee, I have to modify boot camp workouts. I am trying this place out on Wednesday (I would have tonight, but they do not have the night class due to it being New Year’s). I am going to see if they include modifiers in their workouts, how the trainers react to my requirements, etc. If I sense an insensitivity, I know this isn’t the place for me. On the plus side, this might be a great next step for me–doing crossfit might be the next physical level for me, and will probably help me towards my goal of Tough Mudder. It’s cost is $150 a month, if I sign up for crossfit, for 12 months. Only $10 more expensive than TransforME.

ex 24 hr fit24 Hour Fitness–the location near me offers tons of Les Mills classes, which I love. I would be able to easily work them into my schedule. They also offer a boot camp twice a week as well, as part of their scheduled classes, which is super neat! They also have cycle classes, and I loved doing spin a few years back, when I lived in Canada. The issue though, is that with the Les Mills classes, the instructor is at the front doing the workout with you, and not walking the class, making sure you have good form so that you don’t hurt yourself. When I went back to Canada for my last visit, I did a step class and unintentionally hurt myself. So I am hesitant in this option because of that, and also because I didn’t see great results when I was in Canada doing these classes. But I saw huge results with TransforME, because they do interval training. The kicker though is the boot camp that is offered. So I am also going to try this place out this week, I am going to attend the Friday morning boot camp and see if is as intense as I need it to be. If it is, then I can go to its classes twice a week and add in BodyPump and a spin class and have my 4 workouts a week. The cost here is significantly less–$40 a month. This place also has a pool, which is super cool.

I think both places have great tools to help me get me where I want to go. 24 Hour Fitness is contingent on their boot camp. If it isn’t what it needs to be, I cannot go there. I just hope my husband, the accountant, can understand! What do you think? Am I just being a chicken by not going balls into crossfit? Does 24 Hour Fitness seem like the better way to go?