ex nike runningRunning: is a means of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. It is simply defined in athletics terms as a gait in which at regular points during the running cycle both feet are off the ground.

Dudes, I did it, I ran today. I have been talking for about 6 weeks about doing this (mainly to myself), as a way to increase my cardio level. I ran about a mile and didn’t do it continuously, cause I am not the best runner. I get winded easily, which is stupid because I have been doing intense cardio workouts for well over a year and a half. So I walked some and jogged some. But I did it! And I will not allow myself to over-analyze this moment, but instead to say “This is where I am” and work towards where I want to go.

Thanks to tweeting about my run I got some advice on the whole breathing/winded thing:

– tell myself I know it’s happening and keep going

– the more I do it, the more I will adjust and it will take care of itself

So my next run, which I plan for tomorrow, I will fight through the winded thing as much as possible. Also, as advice from my friend Katie, I am going to download the Zombies, Run! app and see if I can live through a zombie attack 😉

Anyone else have running advice? How they increased their stamina? Learned how to breathe properly? Would love any and all comments!