Fitness Challenge: Day 17

Today was another really great day!! Lots of exercise! Good food choices! Went to my 8:30am butt toning class and worked extra hard in the cardio portions of the workout. I got super sweaty!! Monica had us attach an resistance band to my legs and we did a lot of resistance squatting and side jogging. My butt is so mad at me right now!! Then, during the day, I went shopping and walking with my family all day. I mean this–we sat very little and walked everywhere!! And tomorrow and Saturday promise to be more of the same!

Food-wise, I made great choices all day and for dinner I went out on a limb for dinner and it worked out! Dinner was so good, so satisfying and healthy! I am looking forward to having it again, that is for sure. I am really pleased with today, and I am so happy to be hanging out with my family, I love having them here so much!!


Scrambled eggs with onion, celery and a smidge of cheese. 4 cups of water.


Soy skinny vanilla latte. 2 cups of water.


Turkey sandwich on light bread with chipotle mustard and lettuce. Carrots.


Water crackers and hummus. 2 cups of water.

Dinner (aka meal of amazingnesssss)

Balsamic chicken, green beans, 4 cheese ravioli with a pumpkin parmesan sauce. Oh how this meal was taaaasty!!!!

Tomorrow: more walking and shopping!! Boot camp! Adventure!