Fitness Challenge: Day 15

Hello readers!! Today I was still feeling under the weather, but not as bad as yesterday. Thus, I did some at home yoga. I was surprised how, this time, I started to sweat during it. I wonder why I didn’t the first time. Maybe my breathing and poses were better this time because I wasn’t watching the video as much but was in the moment more? Who knows. But I did it for an hour and it was good. I felt I got something out of it.

Today’s eating was also spot-on. I went and met with my trainer Frances and we went over some goals that I have for the next 6 weeks and she gave me some tools to help me get there–some mental tools. For the next six weeks I am going to plan out my day and week in advance meticulously to help me plan my meals, my workouts and make it so there is no wiggle room. When I have wiggle room and I am left to my own devices I tend to eat unhealthy foods and sabotage myself. So screw that!! My big tool will be using google calendar, so I can put in when I work and plot my life around that, and my meals. On one of my days off I will plan, shop and cook for the week, so I will stick to the plan.

And now for my food today:


Water crackers and 2 tbsp. of Jiff peanut butter. 2 cups of water.


Home made turkey Panini made with low-sodium turkey, burger bomb sauce, 1 tbsp. of cheese on Dempster’s whole wheat bread. With carrots and 2 tbsp. of hummus. 4 cups of water.


Skinny soy peppermint mocha. 4 cups of water.


Turkey with broccoli and potato. 2 cups of water. Skinny cow mint bar.

Tomorrow will be another good day, I know what my lunch will be and I will get up and make eggs early so I can stay on target. Looking forward to rocking it out! And if I am feeling better, boot camp at 5:15pm.