Fitness Challenge: Day 12

Hello gentle readers!! Yesterday wasn’t the big cardio event I was hoping I could sneak in, but it was my first day of vacation and I was going to the Nutcracker Market with my boot camp friends. The day started at 9am at the Randall’s parking lot. We got to the market about an hour later and we arrived and walked and shopped for 5 hours. I had some samples, and drank a little bit but thankfully we organized a healthy lunch, so I wasn’t left eating a ton of crap. I might not have gotten a major cardio workout (doing that in t-minus 10 minutes), I walked a lot yesterday.


Scrambled eggs with a piece of toast. 2 cups of water.


2 mimosa’s. Water.


Chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat bread. Carrots. Pretzel crisps and hummus. 4 cups of water.


5 cookies


4 grilled chicken tenderloin, green beans and mashed potatoes. 4 cups of water. Cracker Barrell is delicious and the chicken tenderloin are actually kind of perfect to order while looking after your weight. Just choose your sides wisely. Green beans and corn are the best.

Also, I went to the movies after dinner and saw Skyfall and it was pretty much amazzzzzzing!!! If I get the chance, I will review it on that other blog I write 😉