Fitness Challenge: Day 10 & 11

I am going to be honest, yesterday was a fail. After my very bad day on Tuesday I went into work for 8am and didn’t get home till 8pm. I didn’t workout. I don’t feel horribly guilty, my work needed me for that day and I knew I was going to get right back to it. I tried to eat healthier than normal and I just made sure to walk a lot that day to make up for my lack of exercise.

Today I bought a yoga DVD and I plan to do that after dinner. I am just about to go out for dinner with my husband, and we are celebrating my being on vacation!! I am so excited–my sister, her husband and two kids are coming for a visit!! I can’t wait to see them!!

So food wise, I was able to eat more finally, and I have enjoyed some good lunches and less cravings for sweet things. I am not going to write down my food for yesterday, as that is done and I am just about to go out for dinner with my husband. Plus, I plan to drink a little!

Tomorrow–an all day walking/shopping extravaganza with my boot camp ladies at Houston’s infamous Nutcracker Market! I am very excited for my first day of vacation!