Fitness Challenge: Day 9

Today started off really great–got to my 7:15am boot camp and put my everything into the cardio elements to get on the road to Tough Mudder. It was an arms day, so lots of biceps, triceps, back and shoulders. I don’t work these out as much as I should, so today was a lot of sweating, grunting and cursing. Yes, I very much curse when I workout! When the muscles burn, what else are you to do? Not give up!! No, you curse and then when it’s over you stretch the crap out of that muscle.

Food-wise, today sucked. Not that I made a lot of made choices, no work was so busy and there were so many continuous issues, I never had a chance to myself. Today was not my day. I tried to eat. I tried. Let’s just say today was day of hand-holding–both customers and staff. I am leaving it at that, but I was pretty mad.


Toast with almond butter and half a banana. Skinny vanilla latte. 4 cups of water.


Pretzels and pistachios. 2 cups of water.


Shrimp and pasta pesto. Cabbage salad with wantons, no dressing. 2 cups of water.

Got in some fruit!! But seriously, probably not even 1000 calories. Not good, considering how much  worked out and stuff. But tomorrow is a new day. And I plan on doing yoga tomorrow night!!