Fitness Challenge: Day 7

Today was a good day for exercise, thank you day light savings! I got to sleep in (for me), catch up on one of my shows and then workout! I used my step and my 10 pound weights and followed a written down program from my boot camp. It was mainly leg based, squats, jumping lunges, side lunges, etc. I got a really great workout, got very sweaty and felt accomplished at the end. Great!!

I also had a good day of eating until the afternoon. I got some pretty sad news (someone in my life died) and lost my appetite. So I haven’t eaten enough today. But here is what I have done:


Scrambled eggs with red pepper, green pepper, onion, celery and cheese. On 2 pieces of whole wheat toast. Skinny vanilla latte.


A few bites of chicken, 2 cups of water.


Hummus and pretzels. 2 cups of water.


Ribs, green beans and brown rice. 4 cups of water.


Strawberry smoothie with extra berries

Yay!! Fruit!! Booo, not enough calories! Oh well. I have also thought I would get a yoga dvd and try that out (my trainer @BodybyFrances gave me that idea). I also got a dvd with my step, so I thought I might try that out, just to increase my cardio.

Hope the other people doing this challenge are doing well!