Fitness Challenge: Day One

Alright, gentle readers, today I started my challenge. I already knew what my workout was going to be–I go to boot camp on Monday nights and get my butt handed to me by my trainer Jana. Seriously guys, she is super hardkore–her workout on Saturday had Robert puking in the bathroom!! I am not kidding! So tonight I did walking lunges with two kettlebells, weighing 15 pounds each. Then did side lunges with said kettlebells. Then I sat and stood up from a bench while I waited for my turn to do the walking lunges. Then I did frog jumps, side jumps and jumping jacks for probably ten minutes. Then, Jana saved the best for last (sarcasm) and had us doing hamstring exercises with the TRX. I can’t describe the torture she inflicted on us, but just imagine me on the ground cursing and grunting. Seriously. And then, finally we were on our knees, lifting our legs and working our butt muscles. I was pouring sweat off my face. It’s amazing to me how much I could sweat when not doing cardio.

As for food, today wasn’t super great but also didn’t suck.


Scrambled egg with red peppers, green peppers and onion. Starbuck’s coffee (grande, skinny vanilla soy latte) Water–4 cups.


Chicken with tomato sauce, potato and green beans, water 2 cups


Hamburger, green beans and whole wheat spaghetti w tomato sauce and a pinch of cheese, water 2 cups


Halloween candy. Yeahhhhhh, I totally had Halloween chocolate bars. *sad panda face*

Tomorrow: Boot camp in the morning and then I work till 8pm. Let’s see if that seductive Halloween candy can stay away from my lips.