Unfortunate Hiatus

I have had a rough ten days. I got promoted at work, yay!! I moved into my new store on Tuesday and it’s been a few years since I have been the store manager, ultimate person in charge. I am also taking over a store that needs a lot of help. Finally, it’s back to school, which in my job is like Christmas season, it’s our bread and butter. I am working 6 days next week as well, which makes getting a good workout in harder.

On top of this new position, I moved last weekend into my new home!!!! With that meant moving, unpacking, cleaning and running around. It also meant painting many rooms of the house (I thank my mother for flying out to do the majority of it, she is amazing). We moved 20 minutes from my boot camp, which has changed my ability to get to certain classes. Thankfully they have opened a location near where I moved, but their boot camp times aren’t as plentiful as the one I was going to. And this all happened at once, the moving, the packing, the promotion, the intense work schedule. All of it meant an impromptu week away from boot camp.

This means I need to be more organized with my life and plan ahead better if I am to workout at the Clear Lake location, that is now 20 minutes away and not 5. I also need to get used to the idea that I will be working out in the evening, as my local boot camp has more classes at that time and I open a lot more at work. I also thought this was a good experience to go through emotionally. To not workout and work hard at eating better because I knew I wasn’t going to work off any “bad choices” I tend to have. It was a tough week, I even had a bit of a breakdown one night because I knew it would be a few days before I could workout. But I got through it and I think I have lost weight, cause some clothes are getting loose. I am hopeful this week will include 3 to 4 workouts and get me back on track! Keep your fingers crossed, it’s a 6 day work week for me and my parents are in town.