Greatness is Universal

Nike has come out with a new ad that has create quite the buzz on the internet–it shows a chubby guy jogging on a road while there is a voice-over about personal greatness. Some people have criticized it for perpetuation the ideology that overweight people are lazy, that he is only finding his greatness by attempting to get in shape and lose weight. I agree that those tones do exist in this commercial, but I prefer to enjoy it for what it is–a motivational commercial that finally shows someone who isn’t ridiculously in shape or good looking working out. I like what the commercial says about finding your greatness–there are so many people out there who are out of shape and want to change that. As someone who has personally gone through this, I can tell you how intimidating it was to go to the gym, as I felt people were judging me the entire time. I felt gross, I felt ashamed that I had become so out of shape, and I assumed everyone around me felt that way about me too. I think this commercial is the perfect one to inspire those who want to workout and are scared to do so. I think its message will resonate with people and if it gets more people to become healthier, to start working out and eat better, then kudos to Nike.