Partner in Crime!

Today I just didn’t feel like working out. It was 6pm, my husband and I had ran around all day buying stuff for our new house and I was rather looking forward to sitting down, eating dinner and watching some tv. Earlier in the day I had asked my husband to force me to the gym cause I had worked the past two days in a row hours that made it impossible to attend boot camp, and thus had not worked out. Well, he lived up to his end of the deal and told me I was going to workout now. The cool thing? In exchange, he said he would do my workout with me, instead of just walking on the treadmill. Here is what we did:

The workout rotates between weights and cardio, it starts off heavy on weights but by the end it’s more cardio. We did 30 sets of the following:

– knee repeaters

– kettle bell swings (I used 15 pounds, Robert 10 pounds)

– plié squats (I went up to 20 pounds, as did Robert)

– lunges (20 pounds each)

– side lunges (20 pounds each)

– leg extensions (30 pounds each)

– calf raises (no idea the poundage, but I was on level 8, Robert level 6)

Then we did cardio of:

– 15 power jumps

– 15 side jumps (Heisman’s)

– running on the treadmill for 2 minutes

Then we started from the beginning, doing all the leg exercises but 25 times. And then again, doing everything 20 times. By this point Robert was dying, so he did a little more cardio, while I did another set and stopped at 15.

At the end Robert said “I want to go back to Monica, you are too hard!”, which made me laugh because I had done this workout with Monica a few weeks ago! Again, I am so proud of my husband! He workout out hard and he got me to workout today!! I am so grateful he is taking part with me, makes me feel motivated!