Inspirational Me!

For the past two Saturday’s a special and exciting thing happened–my husband came with me to boot camp!! This was a huge step for him, as he has always been in his comfort zone–walking on the treadmill at the gym where we live. He isn’t into getting sweaty and pushing his limits, which is exactly what boot camp does. Let me say for the record how incredibly proud I am of him for doing this!!!

His reason for going was that he found me inspirational and wanted to join me. Robert is 6 foot 4, isn’t the best athlete and so struggled during certain exercises, like lunges and push-ups, but he never gave up. Even when he stumbled, he just picked himself up and kept going. On the second Saturday we were given pull ups to do and he even went for it with those and made it through!

Now I am seeing little changes in him that he never would have done before–he’s drinking less Coke; he ordered a meal and got his baked potato with cheese on the side; he didn’t have any Starbucks after the second week’s workout; he asked me to order more veggies with my meal the other night . All great changes! All good for his body and his health!!

It humbles me to know that he is making these changes because of me. It tells me that I am on the right path. I never thought that Robert would make these changes. I never tried to change him (minus drinking the Coke, that I admit to), I knew if he wanted to make the change to become healthier it had to come from him. I feel humbled and hopeful. I really hope he continues on this path because I want us to be alive and healthy for years to come.