I knew this day was coming…the day when I would need to measure everything that goes into my mouth. I started it slowly, when I moved to Houston, by measuring the amount of chicken, beef and fish I was eating. I will admit that when it came to snacking, I was lax. When it came to measuring the cheese on my food, it was non-existent. I recently noticed that my love of hummus was getting out of control…so I went out and bought mini Tupperware so I could measure out 3 TBSP of the hummus out and not eat half the container (let’s not mince words, I was doing that!). Today, it starts! I have pre-measured my hummus, I have pulled out a specific number of water crackers, so I will not be guessing what I am eating. The only thing I will guess on is the amount of carrots I will eat today. This will help me track my food much better and possibly allow me to have an “a-hah!” moment and realize what I was doing.

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