New Pants

I have been needing new work pants for a while…they had a hole in them, the pant legs were crazy baggy and the waist was super loose. It was time. So I went to Macy’s on the weekend to see what their women’s section could offer me. I tried on several pairs of pants, three size 18 and one a 16. The 16 was a bit tight on the waist/hips (oh my favourite trouble zone!!!) but the size 18’s had the same issues as my old pants, minus the holes. Too big in the legs and waist! What is a girl to do??? I picked out a skinny pant in the 18 size. And at first I didn’t love them–they were tight on my calves, which is an area I dislike having pants being tight on, but on these pants my legs look pretty darn good! So I bought the skinny pant!!!! I never, ever thought I would buy a pant like that–I have always been conscious of my leg size and embarrassed about them being so big. I mean this is the first summer since I was 15 that I am wearing shorts! It’s a big deal! So this is my happy moment and I am really proud 🙂

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