Back to Reality

I had a wonderful vacation! A really great time, loved going to Harry Potter world, see the beaches at Fort Myers and sleeping ten hours every night. I also allowed myself indulgences I don’t in everyday life–I drank wine, I ate key lime pie, I slept instead of working out. I was still very conscious of what I ate during meals and even snacks (ate the best humus!!) but I didn’t say “no” to every temptation. The results? I felt so well rested!! And it was nice to not feel guilty about eating pie.

Aaaaand then I came home! And the demons inside my head went a little nuts!! They were upset that I drank that much and ate so much dessert. And tried really hard to make me feel guilty!!! At the same time the other demons said “Ohhh but you let me eat something fatty last week, I want to eat this horribly fatty item now!!”. Please interpret that statement to have the whiniest tone ever! So not only was I struggling with feeling guilty about eating pie and drinking, I was having a hard time saying no to regular day temptations! I decided to take each day as it came this week. When feeling guilty I reminded myself of all the good choices I made during vacation. When wanting something fatty, I distracted myself. I won some moments, I lost others. But I stayed true to my whole journey and just kept going.

I am hopeful now that I am getting back into the swing of things that I will have less voices in my head. I have only been to boot camp once since I got back because my work schedule has been intense. But this week it relents a little and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things!! How was everyone else’s week?