Trip Preparation!

Ola gentle readers!!! I have an exciting trip coming up this weekend to Florida!! I am super excited because my husband and I will be visiting Harry Potter Land and will be nerding OUT buying wands, drinking Butter Beer, touring the castle, etc. I am so stoked!!!!! I do have to confess that in the back of my mind I am worried about the kind of food I will be around the lack of gym access I will have. I know I will have access on Friday, cause we will be staying at a hotel, but after that I am staying at a condo with my parents and there is no gym there. To combat this I talked with my go-to trainer Monica and came up with a good plan–I am bringing my resistance band with me and will workout on the beach that is close to me–doing walking lunges and jogging in the sand. The sand will offer resistance and make my workout harder. I am excited about working out on the beach because it will be beautiful!!

The decision to continue to workout was an easy one. The journey I am on is not simply weight loss, it’s about making every aspect a lifestyle. So people can say “It’s a vacation, take the time off fully”, but I say “Working out and eat right isn’t a job, it’s who I am. I am not going to let a trip sacrifice all the hard work I have been doing”. I am mentally prepared for Harry Potter Land food, I know what that day is going to look like, but I am going to pack smart food for my flights, I am going to grocery shop strategically when at my parent’s. I know we will eat out, so the other meals will just be more veggie and fruit filled to make sure I have eaten the right amount for the day. I have been finding the need to eat more leafy greens and fruits because I have been feeling slightly constipated lately, and the cure for that is more fiber. More transformation in my diet!!

I will report back during or after the trip on how it goes, all the mental support you can send on me making the right choices will be appreciated!