Popping Out!!

So I have had the same bathing suit for the last two years, never really thought much of it. It was black and it suited my curves. Yesterday in the pool I was swimming and my suit decided that it wasn’t going to cover every part of my body anymore because it was too big. To further make the moment more interesting, as I popped free of my suit, there were children and adults a plenty in the communal pool. What a way for me to realize that my bathing suit was much too big for me!!!

Today I went and bought a new suit from Macy’s. It was on sale, it works with my curves and best of all–keeps the girls in place!!! I wore it today by the pool and Robert seemed quite pleased with it, making more than one comment on how nice I looked in it. Very supportive and amazing husband, for sure!! The picture here is my new suit 🙂