The Power of Yogurt

I have ton confess, yogurt and I are not friends. Or, we hadn’t been for the longest time. I ate it a lot as a kid and grew to hate the taste of it. To this day I cannot eat it out of a dish. Then Yoplait came out with this frozen smoothie that contains yogurt and a serving of fruit (and yes, I realize sugar)(but not a lot, 10 grams for a serving and the daily amount I can have is 29 grams). I mix it with the skim milk and it’s amazingly delicious!! I buy the chocolate banana (for dessert sometimes) and the strawberry banana. Recently I bought raspberries to put in that flavour and it was really good.

One of the amazing benefits I have seen from eating this everyday is that I am losing weight more consistently and having the most regular bowl movements. Sorry to gross you out. I honestly thought the commercials about yogurt making a person regular and helping their internal process was a bunch of crap (ha ha, pun!!). NOW I know the truth–this stuff is like a miracle!! I lost three pounds two weeks ago and another pound this week and I just started “crime scene week”, meaning I should have gained weight this week. I am sure there is some scientific information on this, but I won’t bore you with that. I encourage anyone who has been trying to get to a healthy weight and hasn’t been eating yogurt to go grab some and eat it. I can tell you that it will help you in your goals and it’s actually pretty tasty!

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