Mini Rant Ahead

I was reading though Facebook and read a status from a girl who was so tired she wasn’t sure she could workout that night. She seemed so sad. I wrote to her, using what I thought was regular logic–if you are so tired, so beat down, don’t work out that one night. It’s not the end of the world. I told her just to be extra careful with her diet that day since 70% of weight loss is what you eat, 30% exercise. Her response was very disappointing and shocking, really. She said she “knew that” and said she “couldn’t afford” to take a night off from working out. This woman was once larger than me and started working out and eating better. She lost over 100 pounds and is seriously an inspiration. She looks like a totally different person! But I was just so disappointed that this now role model couldn’t allow herself some balance in her life and to take the night off. Heck, I did that this week, after going to a concert Monday night, opening the next day, I was falling asleep on the car ride home. So I made the decision not to workout that night. Instead I made dinner, watched Castle from the night before and went to bed early. I worked out the next two days and on my weigh-in this morning I lost another pound. Let’s also take into consideration that I lose weight more in conjunction with my diet than working out. I was looking at my trend on Weight Watcher’s tracking and the more consistent I was with my eating, the better the week I had for weight loss. My exercise points had no correlation to it. So for this woman to “know” that it’s 70% diet and to not be able to let herself be human, to take a night off, just resonated with me. I hope I never get to that point. I love working out, I love the feeling it gives, how my body feels. But I also require balance in my life, so I hope, for my sake, that I will always listen to my body and make the best decision for me. It’s so much healthier to do it this way.

And if this person winds up reading this post, I am sure it will come across as judgmental. I just want her to know that I still think she’s my weight loss hero and I hope that at some point she can mentally and physically let herself take a night off and know it isn’t the end of the world. She’s already proven how committed she is. It’s totally her choice to take the night off or not, but I would hate to see her get sick or hurt herself because she wasn’t listening to her body.

(On a side note, did anyone notice how I subtly said that I lost another pound?? Only three pounds to go till I have lost 50 pounds!! What UP!!!)