3 Pounds Down

ImageExciting news people! I got weighed at Weight Watchers yesterday and I had lost 3 pounds! I turned the corner to a new weight bracket and am at the lowest my weight has been since I was a teenager. All major, major milestones!!! I knew this day was coming and I wasn’t trying to psych myself out over it, so I didn’t talk about it. I felt that if I did, it would jinx it.

Next on my list: buy new shorts. I haven’t worn shorts since I was 15 years old and was playing soccer 5 days a week. Since I put on weight, I have worn jeans every summer or long capris pants. I have been ashamed of my legs and hated the way the shorts cut at my stomach. Since I am living in the land of perpetual heat, I need shorts. So tomorrow I will go, torture myself and hopefully find something that doesn’t make me gag. It could also be a good lesson in loving my body at whatever size it is.

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