Bye Bye Boobs

It’s kind of amazing how the week that I gain weight is the week when I start seeing differences in my body again. It started with my trainer saying something on Monday. Then the next day at work my boss said that it was getting noticeable that I was losing weight, that I was looking different. Then today, while I was with my friend Tillie, I mentioned how I had been feeling like my bras were fitting larger on me, so we popped out my shirt and there was about a quarter of an inch between the bra and my boob–amazing!! So I went home and decided to break out my measuring tape, and although my measuring isn’t quite accurate, it seems like I have lost about another 12 inches off my body–3 off each of my legs, 2 off my waist, 2 off my boobs,2 off my arms. My hips don’t seem to be smaller, but I measured them in my jeans, so who knows.

So this feels awesome. This means that I have lost 36 inches off my body since moving to Houston in September. Fantastic!!!! This has officially made my week!