Weight Gain = Sadness

It wasn’t a tremendous gain, but a gain none-the-less. It’s sad. It’s demoralizing. I am working very hard to lose weight and get in shape, so to see a gain is disheartening. I have just recently written about my struggles with food and I know that Easter weekend didn’t help matters (eating mini eggs) nor the days afterwards where I ate out more than I should have and I didn’t workout as much as normal. I basically went overboard with sugar and fat. I need to realize that although I am bigger and the weight should just be coming off (whatever), my body is in fact very sensitive to sugar and fat and unless I watch it hyper carefully, I can go over my limits in the blink of an eye. Lesson learned.

I think what I need to do is to put posters up around my apartment kitchen stating my goals and telling myself to think about what I am eating before putting it in my mouth. I tend to just eat things on a whim. So I guess the other thing I need to do is plan better. And I am normally pretty good at this, but I was lazy last weekend, didn’t make my breakfasts. But this weekend I was more vigilant, making breakfasts, protein bars and brown rice.

Now to try and not let the gain get to me. That’s easier said than done, honestly.

One thought on “Weight Gain = Sadness

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