Another Pound Down!

Hello Easter weekend! Hello mini eggs!! You are tempting little beasts, I tell you! I ate them, I ate more than I probably should have (wait, yes. I definitely ate a bag of them)(and not the small bag). And then I did the crazy thing, I weighted myself. Oh and I had just started my “crime scene” week as well. Well, I lost weight! What?? Yup!! Now, instead of being all “Oh nooooo, I ate chocolate!!” I instead looked at it that I made other good choices! Like:

  • I ate chicken for Easter brunch instead of hamburger
  • I only ate one serving of potato salad
  • I didn’t get a piece of the chocolate pie they served for dessert, instead I had a mouthful of my husbands so I wouldn’t feel deprived
  • I also ate fruit!

I navigate Easter like a champ. Sure, I ate mini eggs. But I made other choices that kept me healthy, full and satisfied. And I was able to come in to my Weight Watchers points exactly.

I have had other thoughts recently, nice deep ones about weight loss, etc. But that is for another post. This post is all puppies and celebrations.