The past ten days my workouts have been more gross than normal. I find myself getting sweaty during the warm up and then it building to an intense amount of sweat during my workout. Now don’t get me wrong, in my workouts I do sweat, but I usually sweat into my hair and a bit to my face but nothing major. I wasn’t dripping. Now I drip. I was doing leg exercises yesterday on my knees and I was dripping sweat onto the ground. I have never dripped!! Ever! Not only that, but by the end of the workout, I looked like I had had a shower. My shirt was almost transparent too. It’s the sweatiest I have ever been. Today it continued–I was doing weights when I started to drip again.

I was a little concerned, so I asked my trainer at the end of the workout if what was happening was normal and she beamed with pride and told me it was and that I was getting into better shape and that what was happening was healthy. I decided to do some research, and the reason why sweating well during a workout id good for you is because it means your body has an efficient cooling system. Sweat is designed to cool your body while you workout, so when you are healthy, you sweat more because your body is better able to cool you down. What this tells me is that something has changed in my body recently and that my body is getting healthier. I am not sure how unhealthy my body was before this journey, but I my body is telling me that it is on the path to recovery from what I had been doing to it.

Now I need to buy a towel and bring it with me to the gym. It’s obvious that I need to keep myself clean while I workout, since dripping seems to be my theme these days!