Yesterday’s Workout

On Saturday’s my boot camp has a “Power Boot Camp” class that runs from 8am to 9:15am. It is normally run by Monica but she was away this week so Sean, the Dolvett look-a-like was running it. I have had a few classes with this man and he is a killer. He has routines that absolutely destroy my body. And he pushes you hard. He doesn’t take no for an answer. PLUS on Saturday’s he likes to run the class to 9:30am.

Yesterday’s class was no exception. For our warm up, we ran 4 loops around the parking lot. The norm is 1 or 2 with the other trainers. Next we did walking lunges down the parking lot, but raising the leg as we came up, raising our arms at the same time to work our bodies all over. At this point I was already cursing. We were only 20 minutes into this workout. I knew. Oh I knew. So I did as best I could, but I will be honest, I flagged a lot and was unable to do it the entire time. Then, we got to sprint to the speed bump and sprint back to the beginning. From there we were jumping on the curb, raising our arms as we did so. Then we put one leg up on the curb and did lunges. HOLY FUCK. My legs were screaming during this!!! Again, I had to take mini-breaks to make it!! Then we went inside, after lunging on both legs, holding it and doing some other forward butt move. Inside we did a ton of back weight moves, with our legs. Let me share, I have a weak back in comparison to the rest of my body, so I was struggling hard in this one too. I even had someone rescue me and bring their 5 pound weight because my 6 pound one I couldn’t raise anymore. Ha ha ha *cries*. Then we moved onto bicep curls with the exercise bands, which wasn’t so bad. Finally it was 9:20am and we did the ab portion, which I was thankful I could mostly do. By the end of this workout I was so sweaty and disgusting, I was dripping wet.

I felt kind of humiliated at the end of the class. I feel like I am getting into shape a lot of the time but then I do a workout with Sean and I realize how not in shape I really am. For some people, they would give up. I am not that person. I wish I could workout with this man more. I want to be able to do one of his classes and not give up during half of it. The solace I have is that there were some people who are in very good shape who took this class and they struggled. And cursed. At least I didn’t feel totally alone in my defeat. I am glad I had this workout for it shows me how far I still need to go. I need more workouts that test my limits like that. It will strengthen my body and my mind.