Music Therapy

There has been extensive research on music and working out–it can improve your results, both in terms of being a motivator and as a distraction from negatives like fatigue. It works well as a motivator because you tend to lose yourself in the music and don’t get as exhausted as quickly. For me, it’s essential. There is no way I can work out without motivating, upbeat music. Research backs up my instinct–a song’s tempo is most popular when its temp is between 120 and 140 beats-per-minute. Not surprisingly, that pace coincides with the range of most commercial dance music–which is what most of my workout music come from. I find it interesting that the beats per minutes in these songs correspond to the average person’s heart rate during a routine workout.

I thought with that in mind, I would share my current favourite songs to workout to. I am an avid dance music fan, even if it’s not hugely popular. If it sings to me and gets me going, I am good.

For running, this is my favourite song and has been on my iPod since I started working out January 2011:

This one I use for my first cardio track, as it gets me going:

And this one I enjoy doing squats to, it just sets a good rhythm!

What’s your go-to song for a killer workout??