Ring Change!

This is going to be a short entry for a few reasons–1) I have been very sick and haven’t worked out for three days. In fact I have been so sick I haven’t even thought about working out and I haven’t cared. This by no means I have given up working out, it just means I have felt so ill it’s been my only focus. I even called in sick for work today. 2) My eating has been iffy because the illness has made me not very hungry, so I am not eating all my points due to lack of appetite.

But what I wanted to share was that last weekend I went out wearing a ring I bought in August. I could only wear it on my ring finger (but on the right hand). Last weekend I had to move it to the middle finger because it was too big! I know it’s a small accomplishment, but the weight is even coming off my fingers and it makes me happy 🙂

I hope to have more interesting things to write about in a week, when I am feeling better.