Tough Week

This past week was tough. I like working out 4 to 5 times a week and I felt like a bit of a failure on that front because I was only able to workout Monday and Wednesday during the week but was able to make it today and plan to workout tomorrow. My schedule at work was 7:30am to 5:30pm Tuesday to Friday, meaning I am up at 5:30am and not home until 7pm. That’s a long day. On Tuesday I could have worked out, but I was tired and honestly failed. I admit it. So I worked out Wednesday night, to the workout my trainer Monica gave me. Thursday night I met with my Realtor and the meeting went until 9:30pm. Then Friday my friend Tillie came out and arrived ten minutes after I got home–again no opportunity to workout. So I was thankful to be able to workout today and tomorrow.

I enjoy it when I can close, because I can workout in the morning. When I open, it means 13 hours of my day are spoken for. So my window of time to workout is right when I get home till a little after 8pm or else I am just too damn tired. I am so thankful I have a supportive husband who makes dinner for me, or else I would be eating dinner close to 9pm. But thanks to him I am able to eat dinner right when I get back from the gym, meaning I have more time to spend with him and to “turn off”. Then I get to bed around 10:30pm and attempt to get 7 hours of sleep. It’s a long, long day.

This week is going to be as long and gruelling. I work the open shift Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I also have a training shift from 8-4pm Wednesday. My days or opportunity to workout are Wednesday evening and Thursday for sure. Then the best viable days are Monday night, because I work at 5:30pm, while on Tuesday and Friday I work till 6pm. Plus I work all next weekend. *sigh*

I am hopeful with my new store I will be able to get home earlier and that I will be working more varied shifts and not opening as much.  My dad is worried I am pulling myself in too many directions and that I am working out too much. I say I am nowhere close to being under 200 pounds, it is important to workout on a consistent basis and I need to be able to integrate it into my schedule, regardless of the situation plus I love it. I love the feeling of being powerful and strong. I love feeling my progress each week. I love seeing my body change. For all of these reasons I will continue to fight the good fight to make this work.