Quiet = Busy

Do not fear gentle readers, I have not stopped working hard at this journey even though I have been ill and not as verbose as of late. I am finding myself exhausted at the end of the day when I get home and I usually think of fun things to post about on the drive but it never translates to fruition when I get home.

Last week I decided to weigh myself, since I haven’t since December 2nd, and I have lost three pounds!! So exciting! And I lost an inch off my chest (no more boobs is obviously the theme here) and two inches off each thigh. My waist and hips went down by half and quarter inches, so nothing major, but still a loss is a loss!! Overall another 6 inches down, and a total of 24 inches since September! This is all amazing and I am really on the path to meeting my goal for 2012–which is to be under 200 pounds by Christmas (or sooner).

This week I am going to join Weight Watchers. I am biting the bullet and doing it. I am still eating questionably, more often than I would like to admit, it’s needed now. I am 100% committed to this, so I need to find the tools to be successful. In the end I might need to go to a doctor to discuss my issues with food to help me change my mind, but right now I might still be in denial about how serious this is and will try an eating support group first.

I am still loving Boot Camp and I continue to be able to do more in every class. Even with the time off that I took from it due to illness, I came back and was just as strong. It is such a nice feeling to be able to run for a certain amount of time and not get winded and to keep going! Further, in this past Monday’s class I was fierce in the class and was in the top 15% for who was able to accomplish what. Of course the next three days my legs were so sore it was funny, but it was such a high to be able to perform so well, to have the mental endurance to push through the pain and exhaustion and to get to a new place in a workout.

Hope all my readers are doing well! I plan to check in more frequently once I move to my new store at the beginning of March!