After my weekend of eating, I went right back to normal and worked out Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Then I got sick. Friday I felt off and started to get feverish at work. Sometimes I can throw off an impending sick attack, so after attending a basketball game I went to the pharmacy and got some orange juice and cold tablets. Unfortunately I worked all weekend and wasn’t given the ability to fight this, especially Sunday when I worked for ten hours and drove for two hours. Today I woke up with no voice and had to whisper all day at work.

That being said I have not worked out since Thursday. I also have tried to watch my diet, but with throat being so sore, I have been having hot chocolates and sugar-free iced drinks from Starbucks, both with mint, to sooth my throat. That means extra calories. As well I find the child inside me wants comfort food while feeling sick and I find it hard to say no to myself when I am sick. And that has been my challenge for the last few days. My saving grace is the amount of walking I do on a given day.

Tomorrow I will not workout, I will try not to talk and will try to sleep and let myself heal. I hope by doing this I will heal and can workout later on this week. I miss it!!