Poor Body Reaction

I am going to make this post short and sweet because I am exhausted and my bed is calling to me. As you know, I went to Austin this weekend and ate out a couple of times and I was mentally prepared to do so. On Friday I had a delicious steak dinner with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli. I also drank an apple martini. I did not have any dessert–I kept my short term goal and drank coffee while Robert and his dad had dessert. I did have a taste of each and I am ok with that.

Saturday we had hotel eggs and bacon. I did have a Starbucks…I just wasn’t in the mood for crappy coffee. At Robert’s ceremony there was fruit punch, cookies, coffee and water. The old me? Oh yeah she would have eaten at least 5 cookies. Me now? Not even tempted. I have no idea why!! I drank water and was satisfied. Afterwards we went to a home cookin’ place called Threadgills and I ordered grilled chicken, green beans and broccoli. I thought I ordered mostly ok, but afterwards my body reacted quite negatively to the food and I lost everything. Not only that, but my body has not kept any food I have offered it since.

I have had reactions to eating out before, but this feels extreme. I usually react only after the meal, it usually doesn’t go into the next day.  I am glad though, a little. It lets me know where my eating lines are, and obviously I can’t go back to eating the way I used to, even if it’s a one-off. My body is just too used to eating clean. Instead of continuing to test it, I will accept this for what it is, and try to avoid eating at home cookin’ places for the future and eat much less rich foods at steak houses. Lesson learned.