Goal Setting

I have recently adopted a fitness buddy and one of the things I read in her blog was the importance of having goals to keep you on track. I have shied away from doing this because I haven’t really stuck to too many goals fitness/weight wise and it usually makes me feel worse when I don’t reach them.

That being said, I have decided that it is against my natural competitive nature to not have goals! To keep myself motivated and not discouraged, I am going to make goals that are food based and inches lost and shy away from weight loss, since my body seems to be convinced it doesn’t want to shed them right now.

I am going to post possibly weekly with short term goals. I feel that if I am successful in those, they will pump me up, especially when my long term goals might feel daunting. I also want my short term goals to compliment my long term ones, so that they build me towards the success I wish to have.

Short Term Goal for December 1st to 10th: to not eat anything that is off-program. This means that when I go to Austin this weekend, I am not to have dessert. I will have protein with every meal. I will, to the best of my ability, eat more protein and veggies than carbs when eating out. I will not have Starbucks. During the week this means no snacking on crackers or pretzels. No hot chocolate. This might seem extreme to some people but this is the path that I am on. I am trying very hard to cure my addiction to sugar. I am working closely with my trainer at my gym, but I still struggle and I need to be this harsh with myself because I have this tendency to to just eat and eat and eat sweets and snacks. I don’t even think when I eat them. I watch tv, zone out and snack. The only way for me not to do this is to not have it in my house.

Long Term Goal: To be down a size by my birthday–February 23rd. I am currently a size 18, with some of my tops being a size 16. My hips and waist area are still too large to remotely say the same, so I want to work hard and whittle that area down. I am going to make this goal something to strive for and not too aggressive. I feel losing a size is a great tool to feed my short term goals. I will be able to have fitness goals and eating goals that will work towards this.

I would love to have feedback on this. Is my long term goal too aggressive? Any feedback on how to get my body to lose weight? Any good short term goals you can think up for me? I would love to hear them!