Today I got up and went to boot camp and it was kick boxing. Over the weekend I went to Sports Academy and bought some boxing gloves so that I wouldn’t have to put on communal ones like I did last week. I can only kind of describe the horrid smell those gloves. Let’s just say I washed my hands twice last week after wearing them.

Today’s class was awesome and killer all at the same time. Last week I was getting used to the movements and the choreography and this week I get a lot more out of the class. The issues I have with kick boxing is that I am not coordinated. Anyone who saw me in a school play when I was a teen will know what I am talking about. I also am not that great at doing high kicks and then squatting down quickly afterwards. So today I pushed myself to do more. It’s amazing how quickly my butt muscles and thigh muscles were screaming at me. Further, I was trying to put more effort into my punches and damn if my arm muscles weren’t super pissed about it! But I liked it because my arms and legs have gotten used to the workouts I give it, so I feel this class really pushes my limits. I am hoping by pushing myself hard in this class I will see some good results.

I am still struggling food-wise. I am hungry all the freaking time!! I am also not working, so I have all this spare time and when I am bored I want to eat. The worst times for me are late in the morning and in the afternoon. I get so hungry and even if I have a healthy snack I am losing my mind an hour later. I don’t know how to deal with this, but so far I have been trying to not eat anything and get through it. Some days I win, some days I lose. Anyone out there going through this? Any tips?