Boot Camp

Today was my second boot camp class. I, as normal, was nervous. The first class was more weight related, so I knew I could keep up. Today there were stations, with three things that you had to do at each station. I knew this class was going to be tiring and difficult, so I went into it mentally prepared.

Here is what the instructor did to us–one minute per exercise. Three exercises at each station. Doing each exercise two times in rotation. Four stations.

Station One: Jumping rope; lifting a cowbell of 15LB above my head; pulling a tight rope to work my biceps

Station Two: Jumping jacks; lunges with weights; chest raises with 15LB weights

Station Three: Tricep push ups; leg raises; bicep curls

Station Four: hopping over a block; push ups; kickbacks; push ups

I found the cowbell exercise to be the most tiring. Doing that for a full minute, two times was exhausting! And that was the first station I started off on! And I found the jump rope interesting because my shoes are big, so they kept getting caught in the rope. Also, I hate hate hate jumping jacks. My old trainer Jacquie can attest to that. I did them, but I hate them. On station four, jumping over that block for two minutes was killer. It was at the end and it was very much working the inside of my thighs. Very punishing!!

I found that as the workout went, the less I gave up. I found that in the first station I gave up quite a bit and would start back up. But by the fourth station I was just doing it. I also find that boot camp is giving my cardio a big increase. I think this is exactly what I needed–as I found with running the stairs, my cardio level is still not where it could or should be. When I left the class I was even more gross and sweaty than on Monday. But I also felt accomplished. I might not be at the level of some of the other women, but they have been doing it for years. I like the supportive atmosphere of this gym as well–the members who know I am new come up to me and encourage me or tell me they couldn’t do half the stuff I am doing when they first started. I am really beginning to like it there.