One of the good things about my work is that there are a lot of people there are health-conscious. I find them to be supportive, we all try to eat healthiER, we discuss fitness and I find if I am craving something, someone at work will distract me from it. Hannah helped me get over the strain on my hip a few months ago, showing me some dynamic warm ups to do before getting to the heavy working out time. Brandon and I talked about various ways I could enhance my workout, since he plays soccer almost professionally. When his brother Jerrad joined the team, it just seemed natural to talk to him too, since he basically looks like Captain America and works out every single day. The danger, you ask? Is that the more one continues to talk about this, eventually someone above your fitness level will want to work out with you.

So apparently this coming Saturday I am going to run up and down a huge flight of stairs with Jerrad and Brandon. They are called the Garth Stairs. There are 300 of them. And fairly steep. Apparently in 40 minutes these guys run up and down them about 7 times!!! I am scared!!! I am no where NEAR the shape of these guys! I have done 2 spin classes in TOTAL. Jerrad and Brandon push CARS for a workout! It just isn’t comparable!

My concession was that Jerrad has to do yoga with me, which I thought might be outside his comfort zone, but he seemed a little TOO enthusiastic about it for it to be torture.

I will let you know well I survive these stairs. I am pretty petrified!!!