Spin Spin Spin

Survival of the spin class was a good thing! But the wise learn from their mistakes–on Wednesday I went out and I bought bike shorts. These puppies have 5 layers of padding for my butt/crotch area (that’s not too much of an over-share, right??), cause my butt was so sore from that class and I felt so violated that if that seat was going to touch me like that again, it needed to WINE and DINE me!!!

With my shorts in hand today, I ventured back to spin class. And I can confirm that buying these shorts was an excellent purchase!!! I did not feel a burn or bruise thanks to these shorts. I was able to concentrate on the goal of the class: the cardiovascular workout. And let me tell you, my legs have not moved so fast in a long time. My head was, again, drenched in sweat. I was much more winded this time because I could participate fully in the class. And since I am not quite at the level of others in the class, I have something to work towards, which is great!

Now let’s just hope my hamstrings are not as mad as they were last week. It took me 5 days to untighten them. Lesson learned: more stretching.

2 thoughts on “Spin Spin Spin

  1. Spinning is awesome. Spin bike seats, however, are instruments of torture that the Geneva Convention probably bans. When I used to spin regularly, I got some shorts, but I found that what worked better was a slip-on gel seat cover. You might look for one & try it. Keep it up ~ spinning, exercising, and everything!

  2. I will look at the gel seat when I move to Houston next week! I am also going to see if my RPM class exists out there too. I am afraid it won’t!! Not all Les Mills classes are offered everywhere. And thanks for the motivating words–I am working VERY hard, as I see you are too!!

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