Spin Class

I survived!! And if anyone is friends with me on facebook, you will know exactly what parts of my survived and which ones hurt like hell afterwards. I really enjoyed the cardiovascular element in this class! I had watched the video of the different positions on the bike beforehand, so I felt prepared mentally for the class. What I wasn’t fully prepared for was the seat. Even as I was sitting in the room before the workout had started, just spinning the wheels, my butt started to hurt. And I thought to myself “this doesn’t bode well”. And I was right. There are high cardio songs, where you jump out of the seat and cycle, which are fine, it’s the tracks where you are racing on the seat which hurt the most. Cause as you race, your body juggles to go faster, meaning your butt gets even more dug into the seat. NOT COOL!!!!! I had to stop several times and just lift my butt off the bike because by butt was in fact burning.

At the end of the class, I was a wet mess! My hair was the most wet it has ever been, but I felt incredibly accomplished! I am now going to go buy biking shorts today and see if that might help in my next class, which will be taken Friday. I hope it helps, because I think that class is great!