Spin Class

Tomorrow I set out on an adventure: I am going to take my first RPM or spinning class. It’s an hour long and I have already watched the video on Les Mills’ website, but I am still rather nervous! I am always afraid to fail, to be the most out-of-shape person in the room and to die halfway through the class. It was a big deal for me to do Body Pump a few months ago, and this seems as scary as that.

Ambassador Dan has said he will take the class with me, so he can make sure I am doing alright, but I haven’t seen him at the gym the last few times I have gone, to let him know I was going tomorrow at 9am. So I will be doing it alone my first time.

Now yes, the instructors ask if there is a new person in their class at the beginning of each one, but they can’t spend quality time with every student. Dan was great for Body Pump because he was looking at my posture and fixing where my hands were on the weights. It made such a difference in my workouts having him watch over me.

My mom is excited for me to take the class. She says I will sweat like nothing else and burn over 600 calories. I am slightly frightened just at that thought!! But I think it’s time to take my cardio to the next level. I will let everyone know how I fair and if I can walk again 😉