That’s right, I have it! I was shaving my legs the other day and when I was reaching around the back of my leg, and flexed, my muscles started to re-emerge! I can distinctly see my leg muscle! At least in my calves, *grin*. That makes a lot of my work worth it, just to see that. Although it leaves me with more things to ponder like, why are my leg muscles showing up faster than anywhere else? Is it because I have been running and doing the elliptical, so they get worked out more often? And why aren’t my arms toning faster??? I am so not a patient person! I hate seeing little progress, even though I have been putting in the effort.

I also notice that since my leg muscles have been rearing their heads, that I feel them a lot more after my Body Pump class. Coincidence? I think not! It seems these muscles are just bound and determined to grow much fast than anything else on my body. Arm muscles, do you want to respond? Come on now! Let’s get competitive here!!