So it’s been about two weeks since I injured myself. Tonight I went back for the first time to the elliptical. I can still feel the muscle in my hip at certain situations, so I knew that this was not the time to go insane on it. If I did, I knew I would just hurt myself again, possibly worse. So I worked out on the rowing machine first for ten minutes, made sure I warmed up well and then did 20 minutes on the elliptical. I worked at a much lower lever, and even then there were times I could still feel the muscle going “ummm, I am not sure I like this!”. But I had a bath when I got home, got some nice warm water to surround it, and now I am putting a heating pad on it too, just to get more blood into it.

So far, so good. But dude! I freaking hate being “patient” and waiting for this to heal! I hate it!!!! I like going to the gym and I like pushing myself! Freaking heck! LOL I am going to have to rely on BodyPump for this release. Today’s workout only burned 300ish calories and I am used to burning 500 or more every time. Ugh. It still sucks! But I am being good.