Ugh, so I hurt myself!! I did cardio too much and pulled some muscles in my hip (possibly my hip flexor). And it hurts like a son-of-a-whore to climb stairs and to sit. And I can feel pain slightly when I walk. I did this on the treadmill Tuesday, but I felt it only a little. Then Thursday I severely aggravated it when I worked out on the elliptical. Oh the pain!! So I have had to take the time off from working out, even if it kills me (and it is, because I am addicted plus I am losing momentum).

Here is what I learned from this injury: I don’t do a good enough warm-up. I need to do more of a dynamic warm-up, where I swing my legs in a specific way to get everything going. So I will walk for 5-10 minutes and then do this dynamic warm-up. Then, when I am done my run or elliptical run I need to do a really good cool down. I haven’t been religious in doing this and now I am paying for it. No longer!! If I want to continue on this healthier lifestyle I need to be good to myself and really stretch.

I just hope that I can heal quickly and then get myself back to the gym. I am hating not being there!!

“Failing is just proof that you are trying.” – Unknown