Gym Clothing Hunt

I went to The Running Room today to get an idea of possible new tops and pants. I like the fabric the shirts are made of, as they breathe with your skin and absorb the moisture. The sad part is that this shop only carries regular sized clothes, so I didn’t fit into anything they sell (I did try the XL, but it was too tight in the mid-section). So I did some research online and it seems like, in the USA, good places to find attractive gym clothes. The last time I bought stuff I got it from Reitmans (I think) and it’s been so long I don’t really remember. But I want something a bit more than a white t-shirt and sweat pants. I think having yoga-style pants for BodyPump and BodyFlow will be right and then bagier pants for cardio. I am hoping that with my visit to Houston next week I will be able to find something.

Here are some pictures of stuff at Khol’s that caught my eye:

I know, not glamorous, but I am still big enough that black is the colour I would prefer until I get to a size, oh 14…

Anyone know anywhere else I can get comfortable, attractive and well-fitting plus sized gym clothes??