Going Down

Things are thankfully all going in the right direction! You know I was worried a month ago when I was jumping off from my personal trainer, that I would not be able to continue to lose weight, to increase my strength and cardio. I didn’t allow that fear to rule my life. I dug in, I continued my workouts five times a week. I replaced my weight sessions with Jacquie and have been doing BodyPump classes at my gym. This class is intense. It is an original barbell class that works to strengthen my body. It is 60-minutes long and challenges all my major muscle groups by using exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. And let me tell you, after doing squats for three minutes with weights on the back of my neck, my muscles are screaming!! And then we move onto my arms, then more legs (lunges) and my back. Now I don’t know when I used my back muscles, but these babies are the weakest in my body! They cry when I am doing the workout and I still have to stop sometimes and rest a little longer during the workout.

By sticking with all this I have lost three more pounds, making it a grand total of ten pounds in six weeks! I also am finding my workout clothes to be too big now and it’s on my agenda tomorrow to go looking for some new ones. I am not sure what I want to wear, the women at my gym wear these tight spandex things and I am not mentally prepared to wear that. It’s still hard, be plus sized, finding clothes that make you feel pretty. I wish Lululemon came in plus size. Those designs are very pretty as well as being functional in a workout.

I do have a challenge coming up: a visit to Houston. The last visit I did not work out and I ate out a lot. I don’t foresee the eating out to change, but I did get a 7 day free pass at Bally’s Total Fitness for when I am out there! And I will be continuing on my workout schedule. I do not plan to lose my momentum and Robert will sadly be driving me to a class on Monday for 9am. I am sure it will hurt him a little, but it’s very important to me 🙂 I want to try out the class to see if it compares to BodyPump for when I move out there.