April’s Fit Test

I am going to share my fit test with you. Then I will discuss my thoughts on it:

First off I am not counting my thigh muscles! I have been doing a lot of running and a lot of weights on my legs. I believe it’s a temporary growth and will go back down. I am extremely pleased with this months results! I lost everywhere almost! I lost seven pounds!! I nearly doubled the amount of jumping jacks I can do! Yes, my run time was faster, but what that test doesn’t indicate is the length of time I can run–which is for six minutes in a row. Last fit test I was dying at 3 minutes. So yeah, it took me longer to get to the mile but I ran much longer and walked for 3 of the fifteen minutes. That is growth.

From here where do I go? I am wondering that myself. I am going to continue with my BodyPump class, continue with 40 minutes of cardio and keep working out 5 days a week. After I plateau there (I will be doing my own personal fit test at the end of May) I might take that Goodlife girl up on the discount on personal training and see if they can’t get me to the next level.