It’s a Long Road

Looking back to January, when I first made a commitment to working out and hiring Jacquie, I didn’t fully realize what I was getting myself into. I knew I was going to work out in a more efficient manner but I didn’t take into account the time commitment I would be making and how sore my body would be on a consistent basis. Heck I thought the paltry amount I was working out was great and that it was effective.

This past week I blew through my exercise wall. I was running for a warm-up on Tuesday and when I hit the 3 minute mark I knew–I could run for a much longer period of time and I would be fine. On Friday I did my cardio workout and it was running. It’s in intervals, but eventually I run for five minutes in a row. Two weeks ago, when I did it, I was struggling so hard during the four and five minute stretches. But this week I knew, I could do it. And I did. I just flew in those 5 minutes. Yes I sweated, yes I was winded. But crap, I could do it and I could go longer!! I got over the hump and I was just so happy about getting through it.

Getting through it made me reflect about the road I have been on since January. I am proud of myself. I am able to do lunges and squats like a champ. I am moving onto to adding weights to them. I can participate fully in a Body Pump class. I can jog/walk for 40 minutes, when before I felt nauseous when I got to 40 minutes. I can do 25 push ups at a time.

If I were talking to someone who is starting down this road I would tell them a few things. 1. Don’t give up. You may feel weaker than you ever have in your life, you might feel out of shape. But because you have chosen to do this, you will see progress. Just stick to it. 2. You are stronger than you think. Once you are over the initial shock of working out muscles you have never used before, you will get used to it. 3. Be prepared to get addicted to working out. Honestly, it’s the thing that surprises me the most! I love working out now! I love how I feel afterwards. I love how warm my body is when I go to sleep from my earlier workout. 4. You need to mentally prepare yourself to change the way you eat as well. To really see results, you need to eat clean 80% of the time. I still struggle here. I love my chocolate! I love my lattes! But honey, they don’t love you.

And those are my thoughts. Also, mini celebration!! I am down a full size since January. And going into May I say “Bring it” I am going to get better and stronger.