New Running Shoes

I need new running shoes! The current ones I have I have used for a few years and the support is gone and they are hurting my feet. A lot. I took the advice of my friend Stacey, I went to the Running Room and they had me walk and squat in socks to determine the best shoe for me. Meet my new shoe, as of this Friday:

Brooks: Adrenaline GTS 11: It has an arch in it but it has a supportive side so that the low arches on my feet. When I wore them they felt supportive. They felt comfortable. But they felt like they had structure. It was honestly really great. I am looking forward to working out with them!!

I was informed by the guy helping me that running shoes last between 6-8 months if you work out on a consistent basis. Because these shoes are $149.99, I now need to budget for $300 a year for shoes. It’s a bit of an expense but my feet are worth it. If I don’t maintain them, then I have no ability to workout. As well, I love the picture of them 🙂 They really are that nice!!!