Sad News

My personal trainer, who I have been working with on and off since January is going on vacation next month for three weeks and then is studying a lot in June for an exam. So for the next two months I am going to have to figure this out on my own. I am upset on many different levels. First, she didn’t offer any other days to work out. And since she is continuing with other people, namely one of my friends, I feel kind of hurt. I was the one who introduced her to my friend, the one she is continuing on with. I don’t know. I know I work retail and that makes it hard to pin me down for consistent dates, but there was no effort made. It was just “you are cut”. So now I am in the home stretch to the wedding and left to figure things out for myself.

My first thought was a new trainer, but when I started googling them I wasn’t in love with the ones I was clicking on. Then I found a Boot camp made by women for women. It’s offered in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton. It’s roughly the same price as Jacquie and it’s twice a week. Plus they also look at your nutrition. So I am highly considering joining that for May and see if it might be as good as Jacquie. Allison went to the boot camp for several months last year, so I will get her opinion of them before I commit financially.

As for other news, my jeans are getting crazy baggy. I am going to try on a smaller size tomorrow and see if they fit better. I am really hoping so, because I would like to have some good body news 🙂

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