Eating Works!

After my fitness test I went out and bought some snacks to help me eat every 2 hours. I invested in Fiber 1 bars and Special K bars, some bananas and peanut butter. And I ate every two hours. It wasn’t easy, I worked everyday and in retail, that doesn’t always allow you to eat every 2 hours. But I found the time to steal away and do it. And what surprised me is how hungry I have been since doing this. I have been very hungry and I am allowing myself to eat, as long as it is not chocolate.

With this change I weighed myself last night at the gym and found I had lost five pounds since Friday!! Wow! I can’t believe it really. I have finally gone back down and not stayed the same! This is the first movement I have had in six months! I am very happy and it is inspiring me to work harder at the gym. Last night I moved onto 8 pound weights for my arms and it hurt like HELL. But it was worth it, today I felt the burn and it was good 🙂

I am really, really inspired lately.