Fit Test Results

Today was a great day! My fit test went really well. Let me break it down for you!! My fit test when I started working out with Jacquie was 5 weeks ago. Since then I have made great strides and I can’t wait to work as hard to make even more gains in another 4 weeks!

Run a Mile: Originally ran it in 16 min 15 seconds, tonight I ran it in 15 min 11 seconds = 1 minute 4 seconds down!

Squats: Originally did 32, tonight I did 60–double!

Push Ups: Originally did 8, tonight I did 20–more than double!

Jumping Jacks: Originally did 36, tonight I did 39 (I was kind of tuckered from my run!)

Crunches: Originally did 41, tonight 58!

Inches Lost: 5, the biggest loss were my thighs and arms, losing two inches off each. I lost half an inch off my chest and torso.

I am really proud of myself! The only missing link was that I haven’t lost any weight. Jacquie looked at my food and told me I wasn’t eating enough. Essentially I should be eating every 2 hours. Apparently I am eating less than her! So I am going to be incorporating snacks into my days and what that means is that my body won’t think I am starving it and will let me lose weight. So to all you people out there who are working out and aren’t eating a lot: you are starving your body! A snack can be something simple like 6 almonds, some carrots, a half banana and peanut butter! I will let you know how it goes, but I have faith!